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Children and Youth

Our mission statement

"To work with the children and young people of the Northwood area to encourage and facilitate their holistic personal development. Providing a safe and stimulating church community within which the gospel of Christ may be made known and applied to their lives."

We're delighted that our church has such close links with Holy Trinity School next door, and you can find out more here.  

Below you'll find information about our other weekday and Sunday activities for children and young people.


Junior Church - 10 am on Sundays

Young people are invited to worship in a variety of ways, depending on the week of the month:


1st Sunday of each month

Parents and young families - Family Service

Family Service is a very informal service that takes place in the church hall on the 1st Sunday of each month unless displaced by an all age service for a major festival. The service is focussed on younger children (year 5 and below) and uses a structure and language that aims to make it as accessible as possible to small children and help them to understand Christianity and grow in their knowledge of Christ in their own ways. Music is provided by a small band from members of the congregation.

Teenagers and older children - Youth (Give Way) Cafe

Give Way Cafe is an informal worship opportunity that takes place in the Parish Rooms and is for children in years 6 and above. The group is mainly discussion based (with plenty of hot chocolate) and is led by one of our youth leaders. The aim is to discuss Christianity and other issues in a way that is relevant to the questions and issues faced by young people today.


2nd and 4th Sunday of each month

While parish communion is taking place in the Church, there are a number of age focussed activities taking place in the Church Hall and Parish Rooms:


This is our group for children in Reception and Year 1 and takes place in the church hall. The children normally engage with some of the more engaging stories from the bible through craft and similar activities. They then join the main congregation in the church for the end of the service.


This is our group for children in school years 2-5 and also takes place in the Church Hall. This club is a fun-packed mix of games and crafts, Bible stories, songs, prayer and activities. Like the other groups, the children join the congregation in the church for the last part of the service.


Pathfinders is for young people in years 6-8 and takes place in the Parish Rooms. The focus of activity changes in this group to become more discussion based and structured around exploration of faith and its meaning to us as young people. They join the congregation in the Church for communion at the end of the service.

Youth church (Shape)

Teenagers from years 9 and above have a group where they are guided in exploring their own feelings about faith and their attitude to it, helping them to gain in their understanding of Christianity and the world. They then join the congregation in the Church for communion at the end of the service.

Kingdom Corner

Children of any age are always welcome in the Church for any service - for the younger children the Kingdom Corner at the north-west corner of the church (the back on the left as you face the high altar) is equipped as a play area for them and you are welcome to make use of it if you want.


3rd Sunday of the month

All Age Parish Communion

An informal all-age communion service that takes place in the church on the 3rd Sunday of each month (as always, unless displaced by a major festival). While the structure and language of the service are faithful to Common Worship, the musical elements are provided by a band and the prayers and messages of the service are aimed at members of the congregation of all ages.


4th Sunday of the month - see 2nd Sunday above


5th Sunday of the month

All-age service

Where the month has five Sundays, the 5th Sunday is an all-age parish communion service in the Church, and everyone is invited to join in in this - there are no other formal children's activities elsewhere. Sometimes, this all-age service is moved to an adjacent Sunday because of a major festival, in which case this will be noted on the front page of the website.


Other times and places

Toddler Club 

Holy Trinity Toddler Club runs during term time on Thursdays from 09:45 to 11:15. This is run by a dedicated group of local parents and provides toys and fruit snacks for the children and coffee/biscuits for the adults (there is a small fee to take part).

Sing and Praise (Parents and toddlers)

During term time on Thursdays 11:15 to 11:30. This is a short act of worship hosted in the church where babies and toddlers can be brought to join with the nursery class from Holy Trinity school.

Youth @ Northwood Costa

During term time on Wednesdays from 5-6.30pm at the Northwood branch of Costa Coffee. Contact Hannah Woods on 07484 275548 to join the WhatsApp group (for parents and youth). 


On specific dates, which will be advertised on the website or via our mailing list. A games-focused time for the children; designed to build stronger relationships with one another, to have fun and also includes a simple ‘thought for the day’ teaching point. The children are more than welcome to invite friends. On occasion we go off site to do more specific activities together.

Helping out

If you feel you might be able to help as a leader or helper with any of these clubs we are always in need of more help. We have two teams that work on a month on, month off basis - so with the family service on the first Sunday of each month it only works out at three Sundays every two months. Please do contact the leader in charge of the age range you are interested in working with if you can help


Current Vacancies

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3rd All Age Parish Communion Service

Climbers, Explorers
Pathfinders, Youth Church
Kingdom Corner

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