Holy Trinity has a variety of services and opportunities for prayer designed to offer a broad range of worship experiences (both formal and informal). You are warmly invited to join us in worship at any or all of these services.  To see a table of which services are held when, see this page.  During many of these services there are alternate children and youth activities which are detailed on this page.


Parish Communion - an all-inclusive 'middle of the road' service

Our main act of worship is  Communion takes place at 10am on most Sundays. This is a middle-of-the-road Anglican communion service from Common Worship in modern language with hymns and a choir. During the service on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month there are activities for children of all ages in the Church Hall and Parish Rooms (Scramblers for children up to 7 in the hall, Connect, Pathfinders and Shape); and there is also a play area for children in the Kingdom Corner of the Church at the back on the right. The children from the various groups then join the main congregation in the church for communion and the last part of the service.

On the 1st Sunday of each month there is also a Family Service in the church hall; and on the 3rd Sunday of each month there is the Encounter service in the church hall (unless it is a major festival, in which case the Parish Holy Communion becomes an all-age service for everyone in the church).  

In months that have a 5th Sunday, that Sunday is also a regular all-age service in the church when we welcome all parishoners to join us - this service, while still traditional to Common Worship, will often involve more dramatic readings and a more interactive style of sermon to appeal to all ages.


Family Service - for parents and young families

Family Service is a very informal service that takes place in the church hall on the 1st Sunday of each month unless displaced by an all age service for a major festival. The service is focussed on younger children and uses a structure and language that aims to make it as accessible as possible to small children and help them to understand Christianity and grow in their knowledge of Christ in their own ways. Music is provided by a small band from members of the congregation.


Encounter - a focus on teenagers & informal worship

Encounter is an informal all-age communion service that takes place in the church hall on the 3rd Sunday of each month (as always, unless displaced by a major festival). While the structure and language of the service are faithful to Common Worship, the musical elements are provided by a youth band and the prayers and messages of the service are aimed at the younger members of the congregation, although this is by no means exclusive, and the service regularly welcomes people of all ages.


Holy Communion - calm and peaceful communion with God

For early risers, a holy communion from Common Worship without hymns or choir is also celebrated at 8am every Sunday (on the first Sunday of each month the service uses the Book of Common Prayer instead). A smaller service in terms of size of congregation, it is a quieter and more contemplative and meditative service, has a wonderful cameraderie among those who attend and can be a gentle way to join us in worship if you feel overwhelmed by the bustle of the 10am communion service.

There is also a similar holy communion service at 10am on Wednesday mornings, although with its own distinct set of worshippers.  Again, this is without music, but provides a tranquil environment in which to commune with God.


Book of Common Prayer services

Evensong from the Book of Common Prayer is celebrated in the Lady Chapel on Sunday evenings at 6pm.  This is a relatively short service in an intimate setting and using the timeless language of the Book of Common Prayer, connection back with a style of worship that predates this church building by centuries.  The congregation is small, and tends to arrive fairly promptly, so don't be concerned if you are there at 5:50 and there appears to be no-one around - that doesn't mean that you are not in the right place and at the right time.

The 8am Communion Service uses the Book of Common Prayer on the first Sunday of each Month.

In addition to Evensong, Matins from the Book of Common Prayer is also celebrated several times a year at 10am in place of the Parish Holy Communion on the 3rd Sunday of the month when Encounter is taking place in the hall.  Check the main calendar for the exact dates of the next Matins.


Healing Service

A Prayer for Healing service is held on the first Sunday of the month at 11.45am. It is taken by a member of the clergy and takes place in the Trinity Corner of the church. 

It is a peaceful, contemplative, said service that is accompanied by background Taize music during times of prayer.  There are two opportunities for prayer. The first is when members of the congregation are invited to come forward to light a candle. Having done so, they can then pray, either silently or aloud, for people in need or for situations around the world.

Later in the service, there is the opportunity for people to come forward, in ones or twos, for individual prayer, with the laying on of hands if desired.  The service ends with the Peace and normally lasts about half an hour.


Prayer in Church

The Church building is open throughout the day and throughout the week for personal prayer, contemplation and reflection.  You are welcome to place a personal prayer on the prayer board by the steps to the Lady Chapel, or light a candle in remembrance.


Meeting other members of the congregation

Worship is a corporate as well as individual experience and we invite everyone at our 10am services to join us in (or remain in) the Church Hall after the service for coffee, tea, biscuits and a chance to get to know other members of our community.