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Help for Carers in Hillingdon

Hillingdon Carers has produced a new range of Fact Sheets for carers on the following topics:

Factsheet 1: Food & shopping
Factsheet 2: Exercise
Factsheet 3: Wellbeing
Factsheet 4: Employment & Education (Young Adult Carers -16-25 years)
Factsheet 5: Where to get help (Young Carers – 5 -15 years  & Young Adult Carers)
Factsheet 6: Time out activities
Factsheet 7: Specialist help
Factsheet 8: Help from Hillingdon Carers Partnership 

These can also be found on the Hillingdon Carers website at: http://www.hillingdoncarers.org.uk/PublicationsDownloads

To request a hard copy to be sent directly to you please email Julie julie1@hillingdoncarers.org.uk with your postal address and the fact sheets you want- these will be posted out once per week on a Wednesday.