Andres F. Uran

When a person dies it is a difficult time when you will have to make many decisions. Arranging a funeral at the church or a crematorium is one area where we can help.

Sometimes we are contacted directly to help arrange a funeral service and other times we will be asked through a funeral director.  Either way we will work with you to make sure that the service helps you and other friends and family say goodbye.

You need to consider what sort of service you are looking for as there is a dignified funeral service which follows the traditional Church of England wording, and can be accompanied by one or two hymns, a psalm, and if wanted a short tribute to the person who has died.

There is also a memorial service, which is more a celebration of a life which can involve music associated with the person, and one or more tributes from family and friends.  While there has been a move to combine the funeral and the memorial services, we have found that it is often better to have the funeral to focus on closure following death, and to arrange a memorial service later on.  However, we are happy to talk to you about your specific needs.

The costs of a church funeral are modest, and are usually included in the overall funeral director’s charges.  The cost of burial or cremation will be in addition to the church service.  In some cases you can combine the crematorium service with the funeral, therefore having it at the crematorium.  Or you can have a funeral service at the church and then commit the body to be buried or cremated either directly after the service or at a later date.

Our church Ministers will do their utmost to support you and your family through arranging the service, choosing suitable hymns or readings.  You do not need to have attended church regularly to request a church funeral, nor is it a requirement that the deceased was a member of the church.  Everyone living in the Parish or with connections to the church can have a funeral or memorial service at Holy Trinity.

Please do not make any fixed date for a funeral or cremation before you have been in touch to make sure the church and a minister is available to take the service.  Normally the funeral director will be the person who can make all these arrangements on your behalf.

Please contact the church office on 01923 822990 for further advice. Click below for more information about funerals in the Church of England.