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When a person dies it is a difficult time when you will have to make many decisions. We want to help you as much as we can.

At the moment due to Coronavirus there are restrictions on the numbers permitted to attend in person at a funeral. When restrictions are lifted we would be glad to offer a memorial service to enable you to make a fuller tribute to your loved one. Below you will find a link through to the website of the Church of England which deals with funerals. It will be updated regularly after clergy have been informed, so if there is anything which seems unclear, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You do not need to have attended church regularly to request a church funeral, nor is it a requirement that the deceased was a member of the church.  Everyone living in the Parish or with connections to the church can have a funeral or memorial service at Holy Trinity.

Please do not make any fixed date for a funeral or cremation before you have been in touch to make sure the church and a minister is available to take the service.  Normally the funeral director will be the person who can make all these arrangements on your behalf.

Please contact the church office on 01923 822990 for further advice.

Click below for more information about funerals in the Church of England.


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