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Diocese of London Lent Appeal 2021 – Challenging Youth Violence

Diocese of London Lent Appeal 2021 – Challenging Youth Violence
Published on Thu, 11 Feb 2021 10:00

The 2021 Diocese of London Lent Appeal will focus on Challenging Youth Violence. 

Please make your donation using this link:     


Youth violence is prevalent in London and it typically involves young people hurting peers who are unrelated to them and who they may or may not know well. The appeal focuses on both raising awareness of the issue, and raising money for three charities that challenge it:

·         Redthread 

·         TLG 

·         XLP 

Your donation will be passed in full to the Diocesan Lent Appeal and distributed to the three charities.

More details can be found here: https://www.london.anglican.org/lentappeal2021

Below you can find a link to a sermon by Tim Sledge, Director of Fundraising at XLP who speaks about their work and how it gives hope to young people and helps them choose a different path than the one that leads to Youth Violence.