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Special Lent course for 2021: A River Through the Desert

Special Lent course for 2021: A River Through the Desert
Published by Ann Lynes on Fri, 12 Feb 2021 00:00

We are offering three options to join this special Lent Course for 2021; 'A River Through the Desert'. Every session comes with a video clip, shot on location from the Holy Land, together with a bible focus and discussion suggestions from Richard Sewell, a friend of our vicar, who is now the Dean of St George' Anglican Collage in Jerusalem. Click here for a preview of the video for week one.

All three groups are being help online and anyone can join in via our evensong zoom link or using the telephone number for sunday services (option 4). Details can be found on the newsletter. If you know you would like to attend a group please email the relevant host listed below. This will assist our planning. If you would like to convene a group at a different time or would like more information, we'd also like to hear from you.

Wednesday evenings at 7.15pm - email Gerry on agso@blueyonder.co.uk

Thursday morning at 11am - email Tony/Rosie on curate@htnorthwood.co.uk

Sunday afternoon at 4pm - email Ann on vicar@htnorthwood.co.uk

A River Through The Desert focuses on the physical features of the Holy Land to explore our faith through Lent in Six Sessions.

Week 1 The Desert click here to preview the video for this week

Week 2 The Water Well

Week 3 The Mountain

Week 4 The Sea

Week 5 The Road

Week 6 The Garden

You can find our more information here and the videos for each week will also be available to watch on youtube.