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London Diocese ALMA Sunday and Gift Day

London Diocese ALMA Sunday and Gift Day
Published on Thu, 16 Jul 2020 14:48

ALMA Sunday & Gift Day

Covid_19 has also derailed churches in Angola and Mozambique, and the need for Bishops and church officers to respond quickly with water, sanitisers, PPE and food has become all the more acute.  Please give generously, as we work with Bishops Manuel, Vicente, Carlos and AndrĂ© as true partners in the Gospel in this global pandemic.

The 2020 diocesan lent appeal aimed to raise money to buy 4 vehicles for our partner dioceses in Mozambique and Angola, allowing response to crises in places where there is minimal public transport infrastructure, devastating poverty and extreme vulnerability to climate change. 

Watch this video from Bishop Vincente, Bishop Rob, and Archdeacon John:

Individuals can give online at https://www.give.net/lent2020/fundraising

Churches at London Diocesan Fund Lent Appeal

Thank you for your help.

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